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Join us for  inside Sadhan Femme.


I am excited to share with you  the Kundalini Yoga in a fresh way for our era within a  community of Goddesses  personally guided weekly by me

Sadhana Femme is a Month by Month Live supported Kundalini Course + as well as a living library, where you may tap into every previous month worth of content.

A Community for Mothers, Lover's Leaders & luminaries

 Here to  Activate, Elevate, & Rise together.

Includes Monthly-themed Kiryas. A Live kundalini set every week. For you do it at your leisure within the comfort of your own home.

Join  and repeat the replays as many times as recommended

Includes feminine breathwork.

Guided meditations

Guided theta -Hyno-healing. NLP

Grounded spirituality 

 Plus Lunar special ceremonial events

to refine your alignment and amplify your magic 

Much love

Can't wait to have you inside & Meet you soon 


Jade Sundari 


" I  am so grateful to connect with you and be here with you all. this kundalini yoga is just what I've been calling in. Thank you so much for your lovely energy. 

Things are now really shifting so much in my  life "