I've practiced yoga for over 20 years, yet it was during New Zealand's lockdown that I went deeper into Kundalini Sadhana practices.

 I noticed it had a profound effect on me, more so than any other form of yoga I had practiced, of which I still adore. Yet Kundalini took me straight there. Open heart, open mind and vitality went to the next level, 

which compelled me to channel my 18 years of yoga practice into obtaining a teaching qualification along with a Masters in Neuro-linguistics, and  The Art of Coaching from The Wild Success Group.

 In my sessions, which I've called Inner Alchemy, I combine Eastern fundamentals such as philosophy, with Western neuroscience and somatic psychology.

This weaves together truly integrative transformational sessions,

which will help you with:

  • Improved physical and emotionally aligned health

  • Better decision-making skills

  • Increased mental clarity and be intrinsically purpose-driven

  • Awakening your own Kundalini energy

  • Deep peace and confidence

  • Conscious awareness integration

  • Clearer communication

  •  Higher cognitive functioning

  • Self-actualisation

  • Creating radical self-awareness is the first step to true change

I recommend we start with a Kundalini yoga practice, then you can apply to move into the Inner Alchemy Immersion for beginners or intermediate levels.

 I found little virtue in sharing the activation tools of Kundalini with people, only to leave them unsupported as they shed and leveled up. There is so much more to understand, support and for people to navigate through.

Drawing from Western and Eastern health sciences, philosophy, mysticism,  behaviourism, cognitive psychology,

to amplify what is working and what isn’t.

The mind unlocks the body, and the body unlocks the mind, to activate your viewpoint, and to magnify self-reframe inflictions.

Concentrating on not just the wellness of the mind, but your entire system, we will hone in on emotional, mental, and spiritual creativity and your detailed unique needs.

Along with Kundalini and other somatic practices, I am a qualified Health Coach, and completed 6 years of study as a Naturopath and Nutritionist.

With conscious cleansing  protocols for:

  • Aging consciously 

  • Decalcifying the pineal gland 

  • Higher vibrational living

  • To platform sustained creativity, higher performance and success