Kundalini is both a powerhouse practice and a gateway to experience your own creative divinity




 When working with activating your own innate Kundalini energy, it will begin to unfurl

and to cleanse away all that is now your truest blueprint.

 providing you with clearer transformational platforms for peace and vitality.

kundalini It has fast become foundational to all that I  do.

No matter what industry I've worked in, yoga was always been complementary to the ground and neutralize out stress returning to a state of more centered grace.

However, no other form of yoga affected me as much as Kundalini has

and still does.

At a time when I needed more support,

more internal resolve, I discovered the practice of Kundalini and dived

deeper into first a twice-daily practice to experience  all three states


First, the clearing realizing making space within to forge

the channels

for Ida- Pingala- Sushumna

Second, Kundalini Awakening

Third, Kundalini arises through Sahasrara.. 

Kundalini  is for those who feel the pull to do this inner work

and to experience more of their own clarity of self 

The creation of this integrative wellness platform is from an accumulation of my professional expertise, passions & my many layers of healing modalities  

with ever-evolving offers

along with a growing community of like-minded women. 






The Art of Coaching Certification at Wild Academy - Life Coaching-Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner -Ericksonian Hypnosis Belief Change, New Reality --Anchoring -Self Mastery in Conflict Resolution-Emotional Mastery -Communication Mastery 

Kundalini Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Canada ​Introduction Kundalini Yoga-Kundalini Consciousness-Kundalini Pranayama-Kundalini Practice Sequencing-300 hours-Sequences -Embodiment-Mantras-Chakras

6 years of study Naturopathic College of New Zealand -Human Biology-Pathology and Clinical Science-Herbal Medicine -Natural Health Therapies-Complementary Therapies -Dietary Plans (Lifestyle)-Clinical Skills Examinations-Medicinal Food Science-Clinical Case Studies-Advanced Herbal Medicine-Psychology and Counselling Theory-Principles of Holistic Health-Fundamentals of Human Nutrition-Anatomy and Physiology -Professional Practice-Introduction to Consultation Processes

Personal practice over 18 Years yoga Bikram Yoga-Vinyasa Yoga-Hatha Yoga-Kundalini Yoga

 5 years in practice as qualified Massage Body Therapy  Spa Body Treatment Hot Stone Therapy -, Shiatsu, Swedish, Remedial-5 years in Practice