Whatever you’re wanting to move through Kundalini yoga has a kriya for it all. Those that practice it, are said to become more Blissful, Beautiful & Bountiful. 

It's the Yoga of Manifestation & amplification.

 Welcome to your holistic virtual home for Transformation


Deepen your peace, Amplify your Magic

 I'M KNOWN FOR:  for my grounded, relaxed, and accessible teaching style 

PEOPLE OFTEN SAY: my teaching style feels channeled and attuned to exactly what they needed at this moment in their lives.  


MY CLASSES: Serve to liberate your creative energy providing deeper access and amplification of your truth purpose & liberate your divine nature









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 Sadhana: meaning - 

What does Sadhana mean?

sadhana, Sanskrit Sādhana, (“realization”), in Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism, a spiritual exercise by which the practitioner evokes a divinity, identifying and absorbing it into himself—the primary form of meditation in the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet.

Femme '- goddess woman divine warrior

SADHANA Femme is unique and a beautiful live course where I've taken all of my innate and acquired gifts and qualifications to funnel them all into one big deep beautiful spacious loved up a container for transformation.


Drop-in exactly where ever you are and whenever your feel called to drop in build transform and connect  

All receive unlimited Voxer  kundalini mentorship for personal guidance and to the ground and integrate their newly acquired kundalini energies

Each member has a 1:1 with me.

which may include guided integration be that a channeled reading, guided hypnosis, or a theta healing or kundalini personalized mentorship

Set up your sacred space along with your tripod and or laptop.
as we tune in . with Kundalini yoga from anywhere 

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Screenshot_20220402_171151 (1).jpg

10th May Beautiful body set
Live at 10:00am + Replay

3rd May :Become Enchantingly beautiful set.Live at 10:00am + Replay

17th May for Women radiance and Beauty: Live at 10:00am + Replay

24th May Beautiful body set:
Live at 10:00am + Replay

Sat nam, I’m Jade – 


My Yoga journey began 20 years ago when I was 20 ( now 42) 


including immersive learning in hatha yoga,  5 years of bodywork, spa skin therapeutics, Natural Health Sciences, Naturopathy, & Nutrition before qualifying as a Kundalini teacher & Reiki energy intuitive channel spirit guide+ reader

I spent a number of years in Japan studying the healing arts and traveled the world before eventually being led home to New Zealand where my journey continues in a truly sublime landscape that inspires, energizes, and sustains me.



I'm fascinated by the inner dialogue of our bodies and how the intersection of Kundalini Yoga purification principles and mindful living provide a source of expansion to our highest creative and spiritual awakened state and your most empowered alignment.

"You definitely offer something so unique to

Kundalini Yoga.

It's your spirit and your soul. It's contagious !!

You have this bliss energy all around you.

An Aquarius sparkle!  I'm so hooked on Kundalini because of you "

{ Aylssa Short }


I am loving all the Yoga sessions!

Today in particular though was so powerful.!!! I could actually feel my vibrating

with energy.

Your kundalini Teaching has helped me so much

through-out lockdown

Kundalini Monthly

{Jess Quinn }

– A mother, entrepreneur, designer, and superfood lover.